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James Snodgrass - Phoenix PC Networking, L.L.C.

   Phoenix PC Networking has built a reputation on providing small to medium size businesses with technology solutions in the greater Phoenix, AZ region since 1990. They provide complete computer networking solutions for companies looking to leverage the power of the internet, while keeping operating costs in budget.

about level 1 compliance

James Snodgrass & Edward Kopp-PCIP - Level 1 Compliance, L.L.C.

   James and Edward provide expert Compliance Related support and consultation in the Greater Phoenix Area.   Combining their years of technical experience and resources Level 1 Compliance, L.L.C. is the best solution to help you stop worrying about technology and get back to running your business.

Edward Kopp-PCIP - Hit F1 Arizona, L.L.C.

   Edward “Ed” Kopp has been active in the Information Technology field for over 30 years.  He began his career with a Flexible Circuit Manufacturer in Chandler, AZ (Rogers Corporation) and has remained “hooked on tech” ever since.  In April of 2015 Ed completed certification as a PCI Professional (tested and certified by the Payment Card Industry's Security Standards Council)

Together Everyone Achieves More...

   James Snodgrass (Owner - Phoenix PC Networking) and Edward Kopp (Owner - Hit F1 Arizona) have joined together to form Level 1 Compliance. Level 1 Compliance, L.L.C. provides support to merchants throughout Arizona in PCI-DSS Compliance as well as HIPAA Covered Entities in their HIPAA Compliance efforts.

Stop worrying about compliance and get back to running your business!

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